Sunday, June 15, 2008

Riverside International Film Festival

The Riverside International Film Festival was fun but uneventful. Craig and I attended both the opening and closing night parties, and I realized that champagne makes conversation with strangers a whole lot easier. Including Michael York, who was there to receive a lifetime achievement award. He definitely deserved it. He was truly a classy gentleman who gave an eloquent and heartfelt acceptance speech. He also seemed truly interested in each person who approached him and asked for a photo. (Who would do something like that?) The other gentleman in the photo is Dr. Dhillon, who is the director of the festival. Another very nice gentleman.

Defying Gravity was shown on a Friday night at 9:30 because they figured we were well suited for the 'late night' crowd. Unfortunately, there was not a big late night crowd. About a dozen people at most. But, the cool thing was that we played in a multiplex. This was our first appearance in a multiplex!

We did not win any awards. They only gave out one award in each category (feature narrative, documentary, short, etc.) and these were determined by audience votes. The winner for narrative feature was a movie called 'Flyboys'.

Stay tuned for more about the Flyboys ...

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